An AI For My Tastebuds???


What Is Bimby?

Bimby is an AI that helps you find new food to taste based on your previous dining experiences. Bimby knows how well a restaurant performs based on algorithms that evaluate dozens of Key Performance Indicators, and decides whether particular set of dishes is for you.

Bimby is in early stages of development, and its performance is evaluated by a research panel from Central Philippine University. The team (on the right) would love if you can help improve Bimby by joining as an early adopter.

Go On! Bimby Me!


Bimby is still in development but the engineering team is committed to deliver the following amazing features that will keep your saliva dripping every time you use it.

  • Amazing computers work tirelessly to deliver you the best food recommendations. Bimby knows keeps in contact with partner restaurants to match only with available items in their menu.

  • The engineering team behind Bimby AI have read countless Medium articles to secure it and your data. You don't need to worry, Bimby won't become the next SkyNet!

  • We love every business who partner with the Bimby AI platform, and those who use it to experience something new. We serve an ecosystem of businesses and consumers who mutually value what Bimby can give. If you love hating, Bimby is not for you.

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Our Team

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Marlon John Ynion
Lead Software Engineer
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Lennar de la Puerta
Software Engineer
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Ivann James Irodestan
Software Engineer
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Claude Jacob Aparecio
Software Engineer






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